What We Do

HLL is an INVESTMENT Group set up to consolidate the business interest of its constituent members by investing and re-investing funds on very viable projects. Our investment philosophy centers on generating results by partnering with strong management groups to build companies.

The most important criteria in evaluating attractive investment opportunities is project originality and the quality of the management team. We look for a proven track record, resourcefulness in problem solving, the ability to attract and retain quality personnel, and a strong desire for success.

HLL is focused on seed capital, early-stage, start-up, Ventures, LLC and all round completion and expansion of investment projects that need funding. We understand your business funding and startup funding needs are timely and we take it seriously by providing valuable services; we are Angel Investors, Business Lenders and Venture Capital.

We Finance projects with any amounts .We are a finance and development company that focuses on the human elements of wealth creation and funding providing an invaluable window of opportunity to entrepreneurs in today's competitive business environment. As a private equity group, we invest in high-growth opportunities, start-up businesses, management buyouts and recapitalization transactions.

We are interested in your project. Get back to us with your business plan or project proposal.