Group Introduction

HLL Group, Ltd. was established as a Holding company to manage and acquires group of companies in different fields and activities owned by the shareholders of the Group. The company commenced operations and preparation by acquiring existing active companies in the market, recently the subsidiary companies and the Company constitute the Group.

The principal activities of the Group are investment and development of commercial companies,
Acquisitions of start-up business and development of ideas, also joint venture with other groups to raise funds and manage international projects and financing innovations.
Initially the group was focusing on financial of service activities like logistics but over the years interests have branched out into trading, commodities, environmental, energy and communication business.

In its team, HLL has a number of professionals who have vast experiences in various fields of business over last 20 years in MENA, South East Asia and Europe.

HLL Group provides a wide range of services to governments, corporates, and individual clients with utmost satisfaction and value for money.

We believe in industry with integrity, and look for partnering with companies that practice high standards of corporate governance and business ethics.

HLL Group is a leading business services firm managed by professionals who have vast experience in related industries over many decades. The group offers a broad range of services to its clients with trust and personalized assistance.

Today, with their enormous resources, the group has become most professionally managed business organizations of the Middle East. and with the business footprint in the Middle East, North Africa , South Asia , Europe , North America and New Zealand.

HLL Group considers understanding and anticipating customer needs crucial to its continued success. We believe in customers’ concept and strive to provide the best value for money to them by offering world-class products and services. We believe that it is the inspired employees who set great companies apart from ordinary ones. Winning the trust of all our business associates, be it customers, suppliers, employees or society at large, is essential to our continued success.

We believe that to grow in a dynamic business environment we need to anticipate and embrace change and continuously reinvent ourselves. Our vision is to build, own and promote world-class business and brands internationally. Our investments in services & technology sector, in addition to the widespread Trading activities, will continue to be our focus areas for the group going forward.

Our focused approach combines deep industry and operational knowledge with extensive transactional experience, resulting in unparalleled success in achieving the goals set by our clients. The client relationship is one of our competitive edges. We deepen and enrich these relationships through corporate, strategic, active market participants and timely advice.